Titan Kidz Training

The goal is to challenge and improve kids fitness skills, while having a TON of fun and building their self-confidence! We show kids how to improve their strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and whole body strength. Titan training will provide kids with the fundamental conditioning that their little bodies need to compete in sports as they grow through elementary and middle school.

Our program is designed to help prevent the epidemic problem that is growing in children today, specifically obesity and repetitive overuse injuries. Up to half of the two million sports injuries suffered each year by middle and high school aged athletes are being attributed to overuse injuries.  The cause of these injuries is from replicating the same movement patterns and taxing the same muscle groups that are already being overused during practice and competition. Also, we motivate kids to get off their technology gadgets and get busy moving!

The Mighty Titan programs will train kids to:

#1 Develop a foundation of strength, flexibility, speed, agility, & balance that will help  them for life!

#2 Prevent injuries from overuse

#3 Develop healthy eating habits for weight control.

#4 Build healthy self-esteem