Race Event Options


The Mighty Titan Obstacle Mud Runs are fun pumped-up events for kids and famiiles of all fitness levels. These runs are not timed events. It will be an experience of a life time as each Titan will test their skills on a 1.5 mile course filled with 14+ obstacles. The obstacles are designed by an expert master carpenter to challenge the toughest Titan. All Mighty Titans will crawl through the muddy Tazmanian tunnels, summit the McKinley Three rock walls, scramble into the Copperhead cave and face a variety of other obstacles while running in the forest, on paths and open fields.

All Racers have the option to complete a 5k by running 2 laps.

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Do you and your family enjoy watching Ninja Warrior? You’ll love our…

Ultra Titan Obstacle Course Sprint Races .  The Indoor/Outdoor Course feature 10+ challanging obstacles, no longer than 0.5 miles. Bring a friend or sibling to run, jump, climb, and crawl through this EPIC course.  Designed for all fitness levels. For kids 4-14 years of age.

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All of our events are for kids 4-14 years of age.  Parents (or older siblings) can now sign up for events to run with their child. Parents, you can float alongside your kids (outside the trail or course) to help them with the obstacles for free if you think they need help.  Step in to help with obstacles then step back out.  If you want to run on the trail/course and do the obstacles, then you must pay to enter.  We do not want non-paying adults getting in the way of paid runners on the course (except to help their child) and we need to control head count/wave.