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Nicole Tegeler is our head coach and mother of two with over 20 years experience in the development of fitness programs, sports performance, weight loss, and post-rehabilitation. These programs have helped countless kids, moms and athletes achieve their highest level of performance, fitness and weight loss goals. 

Nicole holds a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology and is active in the International Youth Conditioning Association, National Strength & Conditioning Association and American College Sports Medicine. She holds certifications in Personal Training, HFI-ACSM, CSCS-NSCA, Flexibility Training, Reactive Neuromuscular Training, and IYCA-Youth Fitness Specialist.


The Mighty Titan Summer Camp Program is presented by one of the area's leading Youth Fitness Expert, Nicole Tegler, MS. Our cutting-edge fitness training camp will provide your kids with the latest scientifically designed conditioning programs.

The training sessions will incorporate the key components for the ultimate fit kid and prepare them for our Mighty Titan Youth Obstacle Mud Runs and other sports.

Key trainging components include: balance, core, speed, strength, cardiovascular, endurance, injury prevention and flexibility. Youth  fitness and healthy nutrition handouts will be sent home to parents.

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The goal is to challenge and improve kids fitness skills, while having a TON of fun and building their self-confidence! We show kids how to improve their strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and whole body strength. Titan training will provide kids with the fundamental conditioning that their little bodies need to compete in sports as they grow through elementary and middle school. 

Our program is designed to help prevent the epidemic problem that is growing in children today, specifically obesity and repetitive overuse injuries. Up to half of the two million sports injuries suffered each year by middle and high school aged athletes are being attributed to overuse injuries.  The cause of these injuries is from replicating the same movement patterns and taxing the same muscle groups that are already being overused during practice and competition. Also, we motivate kids to get off their technology gadgets and get busy moving!

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Personalized Small Group Metabolic Training, Metabolic training allows you to WORKOUT  LESS & BURN MORE FAT. This is not a diet... it's a lifestyle, with FOREVER FAT LOSS!

Decrease your body fat percentage, increase muscle tone (arms, abs, legs). Out with your OLD program that doesn't get the RESULTS you've been looking for and in with the NEW scientifically designed FAT BURNING EXPRESS WORKOUT!

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