Q: How do I prepare and train for this event?
A: It’s best to focus on a total-body workout, and include some long-distance running (2-2.5 miles). We also offer a free standard training schedule on our Training page.

Q: Can I run as an individual or do I have to be a part of a team?
A: You can run individually or as part of a team.

Q: Does the course involve swimming?
A: No, the water obstacles are no more than 1.5′ deep.

Q: Are your race events timed?
A: The Elite X Series is a timed event but the Obstacle MudRun and Obstacle Sprint Race events are non timed events.

Q: I am not in the best of shape, can I still participate?
A: Absolutely!!  The event is meant to be fun yet challenging.  Participants have the option to be timed, but it is not mandatory.  We do recommend some light cardio a couple times per week paired with some upper and lower body strengthening to help you get up and over the obstacles. However, you’ll have the option to bypass any obstacle that you’re not comfortable tackling.

Q: There is no race in my area how can I request it?
A: Visit our site and email us.  Let us know if you are interested in owning a Mighty Titan Territory or just want to participate in one of our races/parties.  We will do our best to come to your area!

Q: I have a medical issue, can I still participate?
A: We may know how to put on an awesome event, but our medical knowledge is limited. Consult your doctor before registering.

Q: I am injured can I get a refund on my race?
A: Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds for injuries sustained prior to race day, but we CAN transfer your registration to another Mighty Titan Race event.



Q: How do I register my child for the race?
A: You can register your kids by clicking the SIGN UP NOW button on the home page or on the RACES PAGE. Follow the registration form. You can also sign up on race day at our registration tent. Simply pick up a blank waiver and sign it for your children and hand it to one of our staff at the registration tent. Once you have paid for the event your children will get their bibs. If you registered your children online, we will have a list of all their names. Come to the tent and tell us you registered them online and once we verify their names are on the list, they will get their bibs.

Q: I am having problems registering online?
A: If you experience problems with your online entry, confirmation or billing, please contact us here or call 502.883.9690


Q: Will there be a pre-race packet pick-up?

A: Show up at race 1 hour before your race time starts. You’ll need to bring your signed waiver in order to get your race packet.
Q: How is the race structured?
A: Waves of runners leave every 10 minutes, starting at 9 a.m. You choose your start time when you register. 

Q: What will I need to do when I arrive at the race?
A: Proceed to the Check-In Tent where (1) if you’re a racer you’ll get your t-shirt, bib number, and (2) if you’re a volunteer you’ll report for duty.  All racers then head into the Mighty Titan event area for an epic day of  fun!

Q: What should I bring to the race?
A: Wear shoes and clothes that are easily cleaned, like spandex shorts and sports bras for girls and board shorts and tech tees for guys. (2) Drinking Water. Although we provide water on the race course and at the finish line, we don’t provide water in the festival area. Beverages will be available for purchase but you can also bring your own non-glass bottles of water. (3) Rinse-Off Water. We provide rinse-off stations but if you want to avoid the lines, bring a gallon of water per runner to dump on your head after you run!  (4) Blankets, lawn chairs and/or small sun shades. You’ll need money to buy soft drinks and food and unfortunately credit cards aren’t an option. (5) You can’t bring alcohol, weapons or promotional materials for other events to the race. All bags and coolers are subject to inspection and violators of this rule will be escorted off the premises by security.

Q: What if I can’t get over an obstacle or just don’t want to do it?
A: All runners should assess each obstacle as they approach to determine if their fitness level will enable them to complete it without injuring themselves or others. Go around any obstacle that you feel you cant, or don’t want to complete. However, skipping an obstacle will disqualify you from placing in the official results.
Q: How old do I have to be to race?
A: Racers must be between the ages of 4-14+ years old.  Each participant must have a parent/guardian accompany them to packet pick-up and the parent/guardian will sign a waiver. 

Q: Who qualifies as a winner?   
A: All Titan who finish are winners. It is about completing the obstacle course and helping your fellow mudders along the way. In the Elite X Series the top 3 boy and girl finishers will receive a Elite X Medal.

Q: When should I show up on the day of the race?
A: Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your wave starts. This gives you enough time to park, stretch, hydrate and check-in. 

Q: What if I miss my start time?
A: If you miss your start time, we’ll make every effort to put you in a later wave, but only if there’s space remaining. If you do miss your start time, go to the Registration Table under the Check-In Tent and we’ll get you a new a new start time.

Q: What if I get hurt?
A: There will be paramedics at the race in case of injuries. The first aid tent will be clearly marked and situated near the finish line.



Q: Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?
A: No. All registrations for our events are non-refundable. However, you can register for a future event.