About Us

Mighty Titan Adventures is the premier youth obstacle event company in the USA. Our mission is to get kids and families active, healthy and passionate about fitness by offering obstacle races, titan training camps, and obstacle parties.

Kids from 4-14 years of age will enjoy an EPIC challenge during our events, camps, and parties! Run, jump, climb, and crawl—kids will experience it all with Mighty Titan Adventures, leaving them with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment while discovering a camaraderie with their fellow participants. 

We also offer a new and exciting challenge for thrill seeking athletes, our ELITEXSERIESThe Elite series was created to fill a void no other sport provides, a true test of your overall fitness. This event is a 2 mile timed race open to kids and teens ages 4-14+The race course consist of various obstacles combined with off rode biking or functional exercise stations such as burpee’s, one legged squats or planks.


Rockn-Rail Spiderkid-Climb Teton-Summit
Tire-Trek-Shuffle Wild-Monkey Zamini-Log-Run
Alaskan-Lumberjack Flying-Eagle McKinley-Three
Copper-Cave Eye-of-Tiger
Totem-Sprint Croc-Crawl Taz-Tunnels



PHYSICAL- All Titans will soar higher, run faster, build strength, stamina, and agility in their daily training and race events.

MENTAL- Titans learn that with perseverance and self control that they can overcome all race course obstacles and successfully complete the adventure event.

SPIRIT- All Titans develop an indomitable spirit, demonstrate a positive attitude to all,and exhibit teamwork…on and off the course!  All Titans are expected to uphold the Titan Creed. 

about us


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